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2 new Workers needed at Leeds Bread Co-op

Leeds Bread Co-op in Woodhouse, Leeds is a artisan bakery, making slow fermented loaves, many of which are sourdough, all are slowly fermented, and we will soon to be making patisserie.

We are looking for 2 new members to help us

grow and increase sales and so create more co-op jobs
become a better co-op
increase availabilty of good bread in yorkshire
develop baking classes and a volunteer program
add patisserie products to our range of breads

Leeds Bread Co-op started in summer 2012. We funded the bakery with loanstock, a grant and a crowdfunding scheme and have been in production since 5th July 2013. The bakery is located in an industrial unit on an trading estate just off Meanwood Road. We sell our bread at markets, to wholesale customers and through a bread subs scheme.

We're looking for entrepreneurial, co-operative people, able to work 2-3 days/week on a low wage initially, perhaps supplemented by tax credits or another part-time job. As the business grows then we will increase the wage.

The deadline for applications is 3pm, 6th September. Interviews will be held the following week.

For information about Leeds Bread Co-op, about the jobs and the skills needed and about the application procedure, go to:

News from Portland Works

Portland Works are having a public open day on the 8th September.  Check the OPEN DAY page for full details.

Portland Works Share Issue has been extended to October - but the latest Bond Offer closed at the end of July having raised £42 000 - thank you very much to the contributors who'll be earning interest! Along with £5,000 of share purchases since April, Portland Works are getting towards this year's target of £100,000 so look forward to another Bond issue in the autumn, and if you're not already a shareholder... JOIN THEM!  The Share page has more details.

Society for Co-operative Studies Annual Conference 2013 - 'Making the Case for a Co-operative Future'

18-20 October 2013, Gilsland Spa Hotel, Cumbria

Early Bird Booking Deadline - 13th September

SCS are delighted to be using the Co-operative Movement's own hotel and conference centre at Gisland Spa as our venue for the first time.

The theme for the conference, "Making the Case for a Co-operative Future" reflects recent developments in some of the largest co-operative enterprises in the UK and the ICA's Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade.   It gives SCS an opportunity to explore together how we can make a convincing case for the future of 'Co-operation' through data, planning, strategy, education and by drawing inspiration from our history and from practical examples in the UK and further afield.

Contributors include:
- David Button (Key-Note Speaker)
- Chris Herries (Chair, Co-operatives UK)
- Stephen McCusker (Loop Systems / Manchester School of Architecture)
- Rosie Evered & Sean Farmelo (Students for Co-operation)
- Bob Yuill (Scottish Agircultural Organisation Society)

Full details here

Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre

Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber have initiated the setting up of a co-operative resource, learning and information centre at:

Aizlewood's Mill, Nursery Street, Sheffield, S3 8GG

contact Steve Thompson

mob: 0758 1669 640

Co-operators have had no accessible centre for co-operative information and resources in Yorkshire, but things are about to change.

The success of the Co-operative Movement is largely due to the emphasis in education and information right from the start. The reading room and library in the Rochdale Pioneers store in Toad Lane set the mould for access to co-operative education.The Society used to organise lectures and classes there, and it was a permanent resource for learning. Education was placed as a core principle for a very good reason. Without informed members, there would be a failed Movement. Reading and education rooms were a common feature of all co-operative stores throughout the years of the Movement's growth.

Things changed in time. Co-operative education became more centralised and formal and distant.

The Sheffield Co-operative Development Group have provided a room at Aizlewood's Mill for the resource centre. A fascinating collection of resource materials which will form a starting point are already available. This centre will be a learning and information hub open to anyone who wants to develop their understanding of the Co-operative Movement or to gather specific information.

Full details here

Co-operative News

The fortnightly Co-operative News is the only publication that provides full coverage of the Co-operative Movement in the UK. Order your free sample copy today.

Tel: 0161 214 0870

or visit

Sheffield Co-operatives

For everything that you want to know about the Co-operative Movement in Sheffield see

Co-operatives Yorkshire and the Humber Enhanced Benefits Package

Join our enhanced scheme for a number of new benefits including a free place at Futures North 2011. The package is being delivered jointly with Social Enterprise Yorkshire and the Humber and includes benefits such as membership of a business club for social enterprises and co-operatives and inclusion on a marketplace e-directory.

The package starts at just £25 for small co-operatives and full details can be downloaded here.

The Phone Co-op Affinity Scheme

CYH have an affinity scheme with The Phone Co-op. Any individual or organisation can join so If you're considering joining the The Phone Co-op there are several benefits you can receive by quoting our affinity number AF0461- details are available here.

If you are not a member but wish to be membership of Co-operatives Yorkshire and the Humber is free and open to all organisations who support co-operative values and principles. A membership form can be obtained by downloading a form from here