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150 years of CWS by Steve Thompson, CYH Board

2013 celebrates the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Co-operative Wholesale Society – which is now, of course, The Co-operative Group.

Just to get an idea of how the Co-operative Movement began, we need to have a look at the lives of ordinary men and women workers during the early days of the industrial revolution. I have no wish to spell it out, suffice to say that it was a scene of appalling poverty, where working people had no rights, no power, no property. Working class people were effectively owned by the industrialists.

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Co-operative Publications from 1828 to the Present Day by Steve Thompson, CYH Board

The Co-operative movement has been well served with newspapers over the years.

1828 – 1830 The Co-operator. A monthly periodical produced by Dr. William King which sold at a penny each and reached a circulation of 12,000 copies. It was an influential instructional manual of practical co-operative philosophy and helped many people in the pioneering stage of their co-operatives, including the Rochdale Pioneers.

Another newspaper also called The Co-operator was published by the Manchester & Salford Co-operative Society under the editorship of Henry Pitman (brother of Isaac, inventor of shorthand). This was a national newspaper and began in 1860 and lasted for about ten years.

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Co-operative News. The world's oldest democratically owned newspaper. Est. 1871 can be found here

Sheffield.Coop is being developed by Webarchitects (Webarch Co-operative Limited) with the intention to provide a directory, networking and news service for the community of Co-operatives in Sheffield.

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Rochdale Pioneers Film

The Rochdale Pioneers Film commissioned by the Co-operative Group and made by the Co-operative British Youth Film Academy and shown on Channel 4 now has it's own website which can be found here

Social Enterprise Yorkshire and the Humber Workshop programme

SEYH have a set of workshops which are open to all Social Enterprises and Co-operatives.

Access to Regional Resources Workshop - 1st May
The workshop will cover funding, finance, grants and free stuff. Although the workshop will cover financial resources it will also explore other support your organisation may tap in to (i.e. free workspaces, access to expertise etc.).

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Investment Readiness Workshop - 9th May
The workshop will cover Capital versus cash-flow – how to present the organisation as a safe and secure investment for funders.

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Strategic Planning Workshop - 17th May

Getting your head around day to day operations and planning for the future of your social enterprise.

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Understanding Contracts and Franchises Workshop - 24th May

Organisations will be able to understand service level agreements, confidentiality agreements and social franchising as well as draft basic contracts.

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An appeal to Co-operators to find out more and join the Co-operative Party

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Co-operatives Yorkshire and the Humber Enhanced Benefits Package

Join our enhanced scheme for a number of new benefits including a free place at Futures North 2011. The package is being delivered jointly with Social Enterprise Yorkshire and the Humber and includes benefits such as membership of a business club for social enterprises and co-operatives and inclusion on a marketplace e-directory.
The package starts at just £25 for small co-operatives and full details can be downloaded here.

The Phone Co-op Affinity Scheme

CYH have an affinity scheme with The Phone Co-op. Any individual or organisation can join so If you're considering joining the The Phone Co-op there are several benefits you can receive by quoting our affinity number AF0461- details are available here.

If you are not a member but wish to be membership of Co-operatives Yorkshire and the Humber is free and open to all organisations who support co-operative values and principles. A membership form can be obtained by downloading a form from here