Welcome to Co-operatives Yorkshire and Humber

This is an archived copy of the Co-operatives Yorkshire and Humber web site as it was in August 2014, the latest version of the site is at cooperatives-yh.coop.archived.website.

Co-operatives YH is the regional network of co-operative enterprise in the Yorkshire and Humber region of England. Over 200 co-operatives make a substantial contribution to the region's economic and social life, with a turnover of £2,268 million and providing jobs for over 18,000 employees. Co-operatives YH is committed to strengthening the sector and providing a regional voice for co-operative and mutual organisations.

The Diversity of Co-operative Enterprise

The co-operative model is successfully applied in many different ways. We are all familiar with the consumer co-operatives on our shopping streets. Employee owned co-operatives have grown in popularity over the last 25 years or so, and are becoming ever more well known. Housing co-operatives provide an increasingly important element of the UK’s social housing market, while business co-operatives (wherein each member is a business in its own right) offer great potential for economic development.

Other novel approaches continue to be developed, including community ownership, multi-stakeholder co-operatives, and a co-operative Community Interest Company.

Co-operatives operate in all areas of our society and economy, delivering sustainable, profitable goods and services to diverse markets.